Get Out Sandy!!!



Have you ever been pestered by a stinging itchquestion-mark-512I have. One

day, out of nowhere, I’m sitting on the couch and the side of

my leg started to itch. I gave a little scratch and resumed

watching TV. No sooner than I did that, the itch intensified!

“What the heckquestion-mark-512” I thought to myself. At this point I’m

pulling my jogging pants down to see what’s agitating me.

Low and behold!! It was a dry patch. Could it be eczemaquestion-mark-512 

Perhaps it was just the winter weather taking a toll on my

skin. Whatever it was, I didn’t like it. As I contemplated on

what I could use to soothe it, I remembered purchasing a bar

of Emu oil soap from my local health food store. I’d heard of

all the benefits of Emu oil for the body and told myself I’d try

it. Honestly, I was a tad bit leary. After all, what is an Emuquestion-mark-512

 Where does it’s oil come fromquestion-mark-512 I brought it home and never

used it until the day I got this itchy patch (We’ll call it

Sandy…lol.) I must admit, I only used it because I didn’t have

any Aloe Vera gel on hand, but I’m glad I did! I pulled the bar

of Emu oil soap from the back of the closet, hopped in the

shower and commenced to cleaning myself. I was amazed

that almost instantly the Emu oil soap stopped the itch and

combated the inflammation I’d obtained from scratching.

When I finished showering and drying off, I looked at myself

in the mirror and I was in awe at how moisturized and

luminous my skin was after one use! I just had to tell

someone, to tell the good news! I was so glad that it worked

because I really didn’t expect it to. Welp, I’m pleased to say

that Sandy doesn’t live here anymore! Thank God! After I had

such great results I decided to refresh my memory on the

benefits of Emu oil soap. They are awesome and I’m going to

share some of them with you! If you haven’t tried it, you

should and if you have tried Emu oil soap I’d love for you to

share your experience!

xoxoxo – Empress Lona.   

Benefits of Emu Oil soap:

* Natural anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, moisturizing oil.

* PH balance is close to that of Human skin.

* Comes from the fat of the Emu bird and penetrates all 5 epidermal layers of the skin.

* Doesn’t clog pores, has anti-bacterial properties and good for all skin types.

* Eczema relief.

* Improves skin’s texture and elasticity.

* Provides essential fatty acids to the skin. Omega-3 and Omega -6.

* Helps with sunburns.